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Default Re: funny how Pats O/D coordinators have had no sucess

Originally Posted by shake N bake
the way teams go after the patriots coordinators, its like thier gonna be potential superstar coaches..

the reason they do good is becuase of belichek, and how talented the teams are..

look at mcdaniels, and mangini, i cant remember others

these coaches think there crazy coached but they need to realize who made them.. mangini has sucked with jets, brown, mcdaniel just ruined the broncos ..

broncos were saying the same things then jumped out to a 6-0 start last year(i think) so the jury is still out on him.

mangini sucks.... yeah but he even showed upside for a bit....

crennel.... weis..... just to name a couple more.

all that said..... name me one of these opportunities (minus the Notre Dame, though this could be argued in itself) one that the coach was set up for success?

new coaches rarely do too well in teh league because tehy are filling in for someone that has been fired...
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