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Default Re: funny how Pats O/D coordinators have had no sucess

Stupid thread. Bill came from under the Big Tuna's wing before he was given a HC shot in Clevland. 4 out of 5 seasons were losers. Was it funny he had no success and it was Bill Parcells who made Bill look good? Bill went on to go right back with Bill to work in NE. Then eventually took over NE for good. Now he has had success and you are slamming the coordinators who left Bill. Just dumb on the basis its not well thought out, lacks logic and Bill cant run an entire team coaching it himself. I mean thats exactly what it sounds like.

Its Bill and the talented players. Ok, then let Bill coach the entire team himself. Why pay coordinators and position coaches? Why? You got talent and Wild Bill. Dont need them, proof is you laughing at the lack of success Romeo, Charlie. Oh wait you only mentioned Josh McDaniels where the verdict on his success is still up for debate. Give him 2 years since he is ridding himself of the personnel he doesnt want while getting the guys he does. You mention Mangini. But no Charlie Weis or Romeo Crennel?

Oh thats because your thread wasnt well thought out. All you know is Clevland stunk and Mangini was there. And people are questioning the moves of Josh McDaniels even moreso after taking Tim Tebow.

But alas you're take Weis and Crennel and go "See, further proves my point" when in reality you never had one when you created this thread. Teams go after championship teams coordinators. It happens every year and if you look in the NFL most coaches come from a certain tree where they once was apart of a championship team if not successful one. Eagles have given other teams HCs and they still havent won a SB. But they have been successful. No one looks at NE coordinators in a different light than they do other teams coordinators when they win.
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