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Default Re: Bold predictions for upcoming NFL season

Originally Posted by GatorKid117
Didn't the Titans win the division 2 years ago? The Colts are not infallible. They have mediocre years just like the rest of the league.

But anyway, ya it is kinda out there but hey, they are my 2nd favorite team so I'm going to instill some confidence in them. Gotta believe
I agree that it wouldn't be some world shaking shock to see Houston (finally) put all that talent together and win the division, but Indy hasn't had a mediocre year in a pretty long while. They haven't won less than 12 games since 02, less than 10 since 01. Hell they've only failed to win double digits twice in Peyton's career, 3 in his rookie year and 6 in 01.
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