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Default Re: How high were you on Ryan Leaf pre-NFL?

Originally Posted by kidachi
did you see him becoming a really great QB? or you really saw him as a bust?

with me I never thought he'd be a complete bust, I saw him being on Peyton's shadow and having just an "OK" career because yes he had the cannon arm, the swagger.. but when it comes to who was more mature? who was the kid and who was the man? it's Peyton..
Leaf was a kid.. he didn't know how to handle the fame..

watch the vid

NFL TOP 10 busts - Ryan Leaf
I dont think anyone saw this kid as a bust. And the biggest difference between Peyton and Leaf at the time was Peyton's pedigree. There werent too many signs of him being that big of a disappointment and it was never made public he had character issues if I remember correctly outside of typical college kid immaturity.

Bosworth to me was not that big of bust because he was more hype than talent and ability. He was a stiff in college.

Mandarich was suppose to be hall of fame bound total freak of nature I was surprised by him being a bust although his technique wasnt that great but man he was mean and aggressive.
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