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Default Re: More big names join unrestricted free agency

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP

Again, YOU'RE the one getting worked up over someone else's opinion. its just opinion. Why get so worked up over it?

I'm done trying to make my point to this blatant homer. Not worth the time.

Edit: And wtf does that even mean? "Glaciers (its Glazers)...into the pirates of football" WTF does that even mean? "Pirates of football" lol. Enlighten me...I'm up for a good laugh before I head off to work.
so you make a blanket statement with no basis of support or rationale just under the guise of "its my opinion" I am challenging you to support your opinion....

If I came here and said your are a dumb idiot and left it that... it is my opinion. Wouldnt you want me to support that claim? I would imagine so.

If you just throw out an opinion like that you sound like a jealous fan.

I know who your owners are and i was having fun with there name.... The Pirates have no money or are really cheap so they cant field a competitive MLB team.

In regards to being a homer I am far from a homer when it comes to my teams. If you ever read anything I have written about the Knicks Jets Yankees its far from homerism.

this is not personal :
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