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Default Re: Latest Basketball Clip

Ugh, sprained my other ankle 3 weeks ago and still not able to play basketball yet. These Glass-ankles are killin' me. I figured after the left ligament tear, my right one would be strong for me.... Sadly not the case. I was playing a league game, playing zone defense, and someone passed the ball to the high post. Guy went up for a jumper, and I was backpedaling and blocked the shot while backpedaling. Somehow I lost my footing and when I came down from my small jump, I guess I stepped wrong and my right ankle went "wobble-SMACK!" into the floor and rolled out. That was April 7, right in the middle of a lot of important times of basketball for me. Sure, 5 leagues a week is a lot, but I figured that I could handle it now since that's mostly the only basketball I play. When I was playing College Ball I was on the court 3-4x as often as I am now, so I figured once I was done with that, my ankles would be able to heal. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. My right one, thankfully, is nowhere near as bad as my left one was, I can see myself getting back on the court this week. Of course, I probably won't be 100% for a long time, in fact my left ankle that I hurt in October is probably only at 75% now. So now I have two semi-bum ankles! =_=

I read a couple of interesting articles online that said you should change your basketball shoes MONTHLY, and that even if you don't notice a difference, the shoe wears out on the inside. The shoes I hurt myself in (Nike Zoom BBII Low, of which I have 3 pairs) I had been using consistently for 3-4 months. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
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