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Default Re: Did you see the Hawk's last timeout? Mike Woodson has no command over this team.

Originally Posted by theballerFKA Ace
Did you see his team in the last timeout? They were each in their own little world. It looked like only Bibby was paying attention to the coach's instruction. No one else seemed like they even knew Mike Woodson existed. I could see if this was a regular timeout but this was the final timeout in a one possession game with 10 seconds left. I know they wanted to know if the refs would call Horford's shot a three or not, but they needed to focus on the big picture at that critical juncture. These idiots deserve to lose.

No focus, no discipline. Bad on the coach? Bad on the team? Or are both failures?

Because they know Woody is to dumb to be able to draw up a quality shot... So why bother?
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