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Default Re: 2010 2nd round preview: Suns vs Spurs series

Originally Posted by Wonder Bread Kid
To start off, Pop will have Manu guarding Richardson.

When Tony and Hill are both on the court and Nash and Richardson are both on the court, Hill will probably guard Richardson and Tony on Nash.

Although last time I checked, I'm not Pop so I don't know what he'll do.
And that is a favorable mismatch for the Suns. Every time Nash sees Parker on him it's like Christmas for him. While Nash isn't what he was a few years ago he can still score at will on Tony. I'm not sure if Tony still has it. He certainly can't blow past Dragic. Tony Parker is a liability on defense. If I were Alvin Gentry I'd just put Grant Hill on Tony and put Nash on Jefferson and sag off.
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