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Default Re: 2010 2nd round preview: Suns vs Spurs series

Originally Posted by HorryIsMyMVP
Oh please. Nash will just blow past who ever is guarding him.

So how where the Spurs able to ever win before with the all mighty Steve "Kidd Williams Paul Rose Jennings Payton Stockton" Nash on the Suns?

They will be focused on stopping his shot. Duncan will rotate to help. Nash will make a perfect pass that is superior to Chris Paul or Williams. And Amare will score 40. This Spurs team doesn't have a giant wall of Camby, Alrdridge and Batum.

And they didn't have that in 05, 06 and 07. But we still... won.

Nash can shoot over the Spurs all day. If they don't rotate over.

Nash isn't nearly the same player as he was in 2007, so now he's too much for Parker?
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