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Default Re: Those Stupid Mistakes

Yeah, it's funny that my best friend became a drug dealer. He was really normal when we were growing up, he did really well in school, had like a 3.6 GPA up until 10th grade and was always super chill. But growing up in the Reseda Ghettos has the ability to change you. He's still super cool, he just makes a lot of money selling drugs now, instead of having a real job... which is just a personal choice.

Oh, I don't take basketball seriously to that point either in rec leagues, it's not like it was playoffs or anything. We're a competitive bunch, but we still have a lot of fun. Basketball is meant to be played for fun, right? =D

The part that was funny was seeing the action in motion, and the situation. It still gives my friends and I a laugh whenever we talk about it! =D
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