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Great match-ups for the most part, though Shogun and Fedor will likely have easyish wins. Kinda pissed Pride withdrew so many fighters they claimed would be fighting but hey, this card still has more talent than just about any single event before it.

Aoki vs Hellboy should be epic but I see it going a lot how Aoki vs Mach went. Aoki's just too one-dimensional. Hellboy by laser-guided knee to the face.

Ishida vs Gomi should be good stylistically. Hopefully Gomi can regain his wild aggression Aurelio seemed to have taken from him. Ishida by lay-n-pray or Gomi by TKO.

Melendez vs Kawajari should be a nice test for the former, a chance for the latter to regain #1 contender status. Melendez by hurricane.

Probably most excited about Nog-Barnett though. The two best grapplers at HW going head-to-head again after having the fight of the year? thank you sir, may i have another.

And UFC 66 isn't thaaaaaaat bad. I mean, it's pretty bad vis-a-vis Shockwave, but you get 2 top 10 LHW going at it, Griffin-Jardine should be a bloodbath, and Arlovski gets to **** some guy up. Throw in the long-awaited debut of Michael Bisping and it's a decent card by UFC standards. Still not paying for it though.
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