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Default Re: Wizards interested in Beasley?

Originally Posted by beasted86

BOSTON -- Michael Beasley was the last Miami Heat player to leave the court on Tuesday morning, after spending several minutes shooting midrange jumpers and free throws with teammate Udonis Haslem and assistant coach Keith Askins. As he walked to a table to collect his sweats, Beasley noticed they were on the floor, with his headphones, cellphone and sneakers. Dwyane Wade had walked past his belongings moments before, and Beasley suspected that Wade was the culprit.

"Did he knock my stuff down?" Beasley asked a group of reporters, before shaking his head and smiling. "See, you all think Dwyane Wade is such a nice guy. But he's an [expletive]."

Beasley then laughed to himself, hoping those around him would realize that he was kidding. But several hours later Beasley wasn't smiling or joking, following a miserable playoff performance that could lead to his eventual separation from Wade,

Very disappointed at D-Wade. That was a **** move a jordan to his teammates in the locker room. Very childish, I understand Wade's frustrated on how he wanted the heat to select OJ Mayo for good reason as the #2 pick instead of Beasley, however come Wade Beasley is an immature not NBA ready like Mayo. You can't just be knocking his personnal belongings around when he doesn't perform well which was all of the Celtics series, what the heck does that accomplish. Beasley maybe a dumbass in the head, but you don't see him getting in trouble with the law he is still at 21 year old.

With that out the way, dang Pat Riley if he can get 3 max players. what about signing Bosh or Amare, then acquring Gilbert Arenas? you guys will be big over and have to pay a huge luxury tax, but you will be serious contenders in the weak east.
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