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Default Re: Wizards interested in Beasley?

Originally Posted by Andrei89
Damn i would laugh and cry if Beasley comes up with 20/8 consistently next year and we traded him

But yah he needs to go. Better feel sorry we traded him than regreting we kept him.

There is no question he will the guy is talented just being shackled because he is one player that needs the rock in his to be effective. heck even oj mayo is being shackled not to the extent of beasley, but it is not cup of tea the way the grizz orientate their offense around mike conley.

guys like westbrook, curry, jennings, tyreke, and especiallly i can shoot 25 fgas for a series derrick rose so their stats reflect it, that doesn't mean they are any more talented that said players above.
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