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Default Re: Wizards interested in Beasley?

Some of you guys have a very skewed view of what Beasley's current trade value is right now.

Beasley's trade value is in the absolute crapper right now. He's got untapped potential, but so far all it is that. Untapped.

He's displayed a poor basketball IQ, and a VERY inconsistent motor. After watching these playoffs, I've jumped off the bandwagon. Like this kid, but he simply doesn't fit the culture of the Miami Heat organization. He's need far more seasoning as player, and we cannot wait on that.

You have to get what you can get, to take advantage of the salary flexibility we are set to have in the most UNPRECEDENTED free agent class in NBA history.

The Wizards are set to also be under the salary cap next year.

If we could u parlay Beasley's potential to get rid of say --- the partial gurantee of James Jones(1.8 million), and get rid of Daequan Cook's 2 million? Miami could then have a scenario where three max deals are MORE than plausible. You do that, even if you only get a future protected draft pick as compensation.

It's has, and will always BEEN about RIGHT NOW for Pat Riley. It's been that way since 95(when he first came on board) when he traded Glenn Rice for Zo, and Bimbo Coles and spare parts for Tim Hardaway in one fell swoop.

There's a scenario we Miami could potentially sign an Amare(to play center) AND a Carlos Boozer OUTRIGHT thru free agency, in addition to re-signing one of the best players in the entire world in D.Wade. And all three players would be IN THERE PRIMES. 27, 28, & 28 years old.

That scenario must explored in every conceivable way. This is a stars league.

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