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Default Re: Wizards interested in Beasley?

Well like I said, you are pretty much alone in your sentiment, and make up a small minority of Heat fans.

Rookies are given a four year contract for a reason. If all the Heat were doing were dumping Beasley's contract for a future protected pick, I'd go as far as to say all freakin' 29 other teams would be lining up pleading to "take him off our hands".

Then when he's averaging 17 PPG, 7 REB as soon as next year, everyone would be looking around like 'What type of moron GM do they have running the show in Miami?'

And BTW, if Miami signs LeBron that's all more reason to keep Beasley. You need a jumpshooting PF who can spread the floor for Wade & LeBron. You'd have a young PF who will have two elite wing players in Wade & LeBron to help him out with great weakside shot blocking & excellent rebounders per position, and his defense would improve even more than it has. I'd love to get LeBron because I know that's one of the only chances we have to keep Beasley since Beasley & Bosh PF/C might not work. All we'd need is a defensive C and a PG who can knock down the 3 and defend w/ Wade + LeBron + Beasley.

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