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Default Re: Wizards interested in Beasley?

How was Beasley on milk cartons for 2 postseasons in a row when he was drafted as a rookie? Even coming out of highschool Beasley was only ranked 3rd overall out of prospects. He wasn't shoved down people's throats as the next Charles Barkley or something the way you are trying to insinuate. Anyway....

I put about 50/50 blame on each party... both Beasley & the coach/management. Everybody knew Beasley's defensive problems coming out of college, but the coaches/staff never let Beasley play to his strengths. If Beasley is a defensive liability, wouldn't it be smarter to give him enough touches to outscore his opponent? Nope... instead you put him on the bench, run nothing but isolation sets where he has to create everything for himself, and then bench him the 4th every game. As a sophomore, this time you insert him into the starting lineup, but instead ask him to play like Udonis Haslem where he's going to end up being a spot up shooter on 75% of the pick & roll sets you run around Wade, then show no confidence to play him in the foruth quarter no matter how good he is doing. Beasley put up 13 points and 10 rebounds against the Magic, and you completely bench him in the fourth quarter other than the fact that O'Neal fouls out. So you then put Beasley back in the game, and he scores the game winner off of one of his few very clutch plays this season. Then the next game, you once a-f*ckin'-gain you bench him in the fourth quarter and go with Haslem instead. Matter of fact just reminiscing on this I have to reallocate the blame to 60% coaching/40% Beasley.

Look, I'm not disputing that he has underachieved and developed a lot slower than most expected, but we all see the talent is there. I don't exactly see people calling LaMarcus Aldridge a bust as the 2nd overall pick, so if Beasley is putting up 17/7 in his 3rd year, that should be fine for all except the haters.

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