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Default Re: Wizards interested in Beasley?

Originally Posted by beasted86
How was Beasley on milk cartons for 2 postseasons in a row when he was drafted as a rookie? Even coming out of highschool Beasley was only ranked 3rd overall out of prospects. He wasn't shoved down people's throats as the next Charles Barkley or something the way you are trying to insinuate. Anyway.....

You sound like Michael Beasley mother writing this. It reads more "Thats my baby" than anything bball valid. Oh so because he was a rookie he gets a pass for not showing up in the playoffs? He was drafted #2 overall and given the strong freshman performance he had? He an argument at being picked #1.

Beasley awesome talent was shoved down peoples throats. He could do this, that and the third. I lost count on how many double doubles he had in college. I lost count of how many times people said he was so offensively talented. Stop acting like this was a raw prospect coming out of college and people are being unreasonable with thier expectations.

I love basketball fans excuses of players. Maybe his talent is overrated? Maybe he lacks the passion, work ethic, bball IQ to fullfill his potential he is said to gave? Maybe Wade doesnt need to wait around for this kid to break out when there are options of proven players to be added at the expense of a Beasley? Lets not defend someone for f*cks sake. Keep it 100. I know he didnt put up 18 & 8 you predicted. He'll do it next season. Wait 17 & 7. What you cutting him some slack next year cuz the bar was raised too high?

Look, I'm not disputing that he has underachieved and developed a lot slower than most expected, but we all see the talent is there.

Wade doesnt have time to wait for dude to break out. Beasley can do it next year or he can be the next Darius Miles where each season we pick him to be the break out player for that particular season.

I don't exactly see people calling LaMarcus Aldridge a bust, so if Beasley is putting up 17/7 in his 3rd year, that should be fine for all except the haters.

Aldridge didnt come out of college with the same hype, potential, upside as Michael Beasley. Next Carmelo Anthony. Next Derrick Coleman. That was Beasley. And I dont see anyone calloing Aldridge a bust nor do I see it with Beasley. Whats being said is dude sold out since being drafted where his peers have progressed on a faster pace than he has. Whats being said is why wait for this dude to pan out if you can move him and create space to aquire, add a proven player?

Wade doesnt have 10 years of arguably the best player in basketball in him. Miami has to win now before he declines. You can sit around for Beasley to hatch or you can explore other options. I say explore other options. If it looks like you can add 2 more players onboard with Wade where you gotta move Beasley? I pull the trigger. And cross that bridge if Beasley beasts.

And Aldridge to me i soft. Always was soft and forever will be. He's a Soft Forward, not a PF in my eyes. Decent scorer but outside of that? Not feeling his finess approach to the game. If I could get rid of Aldridge for Amare or Bosh? Finger is squeezing the trigger.
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