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Default Re: Discuss Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets now that Jazz eliminated them in round 1

Originally Posted by thejumpa
Translation: He's one dimensional. You just said exactly what I did except in a more gentle way.

His talent is off the charts, no doubt. However, this series showed a couple things he needs to work on. Not getting back, slacking on defense(again), and basically being below average in everything BUT scoring. If his shots aren't falling, no need to worry about him. Nuggets fans won't like that, but it's true.

Didn't Melo have 12 rebounds and 5 assists? He's never going to be a good defender because the ref's won't let he play close defense without calling a foul, and what good is it to have your best scorer siting on the bench in foul trouble? Come on, the hate some of you guys throw at Melo is silly. He's not the best player in the league but he's near the top.
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