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Default Re: Discuss Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets now that Jazz eliminated them in round 1

Originally Posted by 1_BAD_TIGER
Well Melo's going to get some criticism that's not constructive from many clueless people on this site, because his team let him down again. Billups plays well in the regular season and inconsistent in the playoffs, Nene is a beast that plays like beauty, J.R and Bird man are already on a flight going to the Bahamas. It's also Melo's fault that Kenyon has bad knees and Karl has cancer.

This site is full of kids. What do you expect?

Even if Carmelo had elite defensive and a more versatile game, Denver would still lose. They played like they had clue what was going urgency, slacking defense, and bonehead moves in critical times. They really missed their coach.
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