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Default Re: Discuss Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets now that Jazz eliminated them in round 1

Originally Posted by thejumpa
Yeah yeah yeah...Melo can pass(which he can't) and can rebound and play "average" defense. I've heard it all before. Even Nuggets fan on this site agree with what I'm saying. It may sound harsh, but I feel it's the truth. You, on the other hand, are too infatuated with him to see any flaws.

And just to reiterate, at full strength Brandon Roy is a better player than Melo. Rarely do I go "Damn BRoy, what were you thinking?" With Melo I say it too much.

Yes, he can pass. He draws double teams easily and has a knack for spotting the open shooter on the opposite side of the court. He also generates a ton of open looks for our bigs. Melo operates from the post, so often times his assist opportunities turn into hockey assists. I assure you that he can facilitate an offense; the problem with the Nuggets is that there is no offense. Often times Melo is isolated on the block and the other Nuggets refrain from moving, which congests the paint and doesn't allow him to feed them for easier baskets. You act as though your opinion is absolute fact when you probably haven't even watched a game. I fail to see how he is one-dimensional. Just because he is far better at one aspect of the game than any other doesn't mean that he is below average in those other aspects.

BRoy has never been a better player than Carmelo Anthony. BRoy is simply not assertive enough to be a superstar. Often times he plays in game without making much of an impact. He has leadership qualities and is talented in the clutch, so there is superstar potential. At the moment and throughout his career, he has only been at all-star level.
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