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Default Re: Discuss Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets now that Jazz eliminated them in round 1

Originally Posted by 1_BAD_TIGER
Funny How when the Nuggets are healthy and winning, there the team to challenge the Lakers, but when there not healthy and losing they Lack character. Denver has no coach, without Karl. George Karl has always been a very controlling and hands on coach, his assistants aren't given much control in running the team. And Billups with all his years of experience as a player is not going to match Karl's 30 plus years of coaching. If Coach Sloan was not able to coach Utah in this series do you think they would have played as well as they did? Denver was the only team in the playoffs missing there head coach no other team had that disadvantage.
stop with the head coach is missing excuses... he's been an nba head coach for 25 years, he has a below .500 coaching record in the playoffs and has only had a wining playoff run 5 times in 22 years of post season play..
honestly the chances of the nuggets going deep into the playoffs with karl on the bench was slim

the nuggets are just not a smart team, with or without karl, more than enough talent on that team to get by a jazz team that's limping through the playoffs, yet once again it's a first round exit for the nuggets..

the front office needs to realize that karl is not going to take this team to the finals, that melo for whatever odd reason cannot lead this current squad, it's not a slam on melo, he should be able to lead this team but it seems to me there is some disfunction on that team and melo is not strong enough to put guys in their place...

like i said it's not a very smart team, the players as a whole are not working as a team it's like watching a pickup game with a group of guys who meet every sunday to ball, all good buddies, it's just for fun lets not step on anyones toes, everyone make sure you get your shots in...

until melo grows a spine and takes control of this team it's not going anywhere

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