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Default Re: Round 1, Game 6, Lakers @ Thunder APRIL 30 - LAKERS LEAD 3-2.

Originally Posted by LakersFan626
The Thunder got their fair share of questionable calls too (the Fisher foul on Durant, Kobe's "airball" similar to the one against the Heat)...

Great series and exactly how I expected it to be with the experienced veterans winning, with the young Thunder giving them 4 hard fought games. Props to the OKC crowd for cheering after the loss too as the Thunder did WAY better this season than anybody expected (I thought Houston would be the last seed for a while this year until around 2-3 months ago).

Classy post by a Laker fan.

As for
Originally Posted by NBASTATMAN
You are a joke.. LA SHOWTIME was on this site badmouthing you a couple of days ago... I stopped arguing with you cuz your an idiot... You told me that stans use IFs and I clearly only used AN IF ARGUMENT after REALKNOWLEDGE used it on ME...:

Showtime is a Kobe hater/troll who enjoys when the Lakers lose so he can troll it up. Kinda like Michael Steele, the black guy the Republicans roll out to prove they aren't all rich white dudes. Don't be using that fool if you wanna say that REAL Laker fans support your BS trash talking...
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