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Default Re: Tyreke Evans wins Rookie of Year

Stephen Curry deserved it. He's a ridiculous shooter and tyreke evans is not that good. It's all the media. None of the awards in the NBA mean shit. That's why steve nash got mvp 2x. it's cuz all the voters, most of who never even set foot on a basketball court, hear how hes such a great passer and just have their mind made up at the start of the season. That's really what happened with evans. 20 games into the season, they had already made their minds up. 20 5 5 who gives a shit. It's not like any of his assists or rebounds are truly impressive dam. passes to 3 point shooter and they make it. its all on them. and thats all the kings can do is shoot 3s and thats why they got just barely above 20 wins.
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