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Originally Posted by tlang1982
No you're not listening. I said Marcus will be a bust. He couldn't lead a team that had more talent then some of the lottery teams in the draft. 2nd I was saying Blalock is more athletic a better passer and a SLEEPER, do you understand the tile of the forum topic "this year's draft sleepers" Williams will be atop this draft's busts. He is no where near a Chris Paul. He's not even near a Deron Williams. He's going to be a backup PG at best.

Marcus Williams couldn't lead a team. Are you kidding me UConn was the best team all year and he was the heart and sole of it. He recorded 16 assists in a game against Notre Dame and I don't care if people say he is out of shape cause he was one of the quickest players in COLLEGE last year. Plus Williams has a nice jump shot and can score in the lane at will. He is much better than Deron Williams ever will be. I also agree that Novak has range in his shot and will be a nice find who can stroke the 3 in round 2.
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