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Default Re: Jamarcus Russel update

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Outside the Lines is doing a special on JaMarcus Russell and his failures lol.
i saw some of it it iam sure its accurate except for that its ESPN doing something on the raiders you know how unbiased they are.

Tom Cable will be fired during the offseason.....check.
Bruce Campbell will be the 8th overall pick.....check.
Jamarcus weighs 300 pounds....check.
Jamarcus will be cut before minicamp.....check.

Jon Ritchie formber FB for the raiders(beast) is on the panel who only goes by rumors and dominic rhodes who was there during russells rookie year all trash jamarcus.Even though what they say most likely is true i have a hard time beleiving it since its ESPN.

Also Andrew Walter defends jamarcus
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