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Default Re: How much does your shooting percentage drop?

Originally Posted by 1manfastbreak
cmon bruh..

I believe it. If you saw his highlight you would too. He has a nice shot.

I myself am about 60-70% from behind the arc when practicing. I take 10 shots from each corner, wing, and then from the top of the key and usually average right around 6 or 7 makes (going up as high as hitting all 10 (rare)... but almost never missing more than 5). I am a natural shooter so hitting wide open shots with no pressure is easy for me. When I really focus, I can make almost everything. open 2's are virtually automatic. I regularly hit 7+ shots in a row from 15-18 feet.

In games, from behind the arc I probably shoot around 45-50%. The vast majority of them are wide open so I drop about 20%. If someone is running at me I usually will up fake and then drive... if someone is right up on me then I won't just take a contested 3. I shoot about the same percentage in game (45-50%) when somebody gives me a high screen and my defender goes under it. The whole motion of it feels so natural to me but it's more streaky... Otherwise, I'm no longer a streak shooter. I don't shoot a whole lot of 2's in game but I'd guess I'm probably around 50% on my jumpers... but I don't really know it's just a guess.

I could become a knock down shooter on any team... That would most likely be my role on the team. I'd play really well on a team that plays like the Magic where everyone can shoot but can also put it on the floor and pass/finish at the rim.

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