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Default Re: How much does your shooting percentage drop?

Originally Posted by devin112
that's great shooting there, i can't get kobe to shoot those numbers in NBA2k10. you're really good, you should play professionally. come to think of it, i think your averages are better then kobe, wade, and lebron's. you should get paid, don't waste your talent in rec leagues.

Shooting 8/10 from 3-point range on average when wide ass open just shooting around isn't some amazing feat. I know a couple other guys I play with that could do it as well. Most of them played professionally though. (In addition, you're probably thinking NBA Range, I'm talking about College 3-pointers. Kobe would hit at least 18/20 from the top of the key when just shooting around.)

I played college ball, and if it weren't for some ligament problems in my ankles, I probably could have played professionally somewhere overseas. A lot of my good friends and teammates have played professionally, some in the NBA as well. Most of them are not any better overall than my top offensive ability. But things happen, it's all good.
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