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Default Re: How much does your shooting percentage drop?

Originally Posted by Fallguy20

On a good day then yea, nothing saying you cant do that in practice from behind the arc, but as a career total since you got serious shooting the ball in the past few years or so... no

You quoted him talking about when he is shooting around. 60+% when shooting around is normal for a high level basketball player with a good stroke. On most of my high level teams, there are at least 3-5 guys that are able to do that. I think the average drop is about 20% from Shooting around to in-game looks from my 19 years of basketball experience... but it depends on the type of shooter you are, and the volume of shots you take.

Shooting 55-60% in League play is great, but I'm really a Natural Point Guard and most of my game centers around penetration. I will pull up and take 3's in transition, on the run, or if someone creates one for me. I'm not elevating over people and shooting tough contested 3-pointers. I shot 50% from behind the Arc in High School, right down the street from Jordan Farmar, same year. I led the conference in both 3pt% and 3 pointers made.... and my stroke is more consistent now than it was before.

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