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Default Re: How much does your shooting percentage drop?

My FG% drops for both 2's and 3's. 2's drop from about 70% to about 50%, 3's drop from about 50% to 40%.

My FT% actually goes up in a game. In normal situations, my FT% is 30-40% (I know, it's phucking pathetic). In games though, I have been able to maintain 80-90% (with the exception of 1 season which I'd rather forget). In the most recent season I remember only missing 3 or 4 FT's the whole season. Nobody knows why. All my friends are always so surprised cause they know I'm rubbish at FT's when just shooting around normally. My theory is that during games my body is warmer which contributes to better lift in my shot.

By the way everybody should keep in mind that compared to number of shots you take while just shooting around, the number of shots you take in games might not be statistically significant enough.

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