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Default Re: How much does your shooting percentage drop?

Originally Posted by Birmingham1955

look at allen iverson and andre iguodala taking mid range j's. obviously these guys aren't the best shooters in the league, but you see misses these guys are mortals, not machines. I have seen nba players shootaround they miss all the time. To say you shoot 85% on jumpers every time you step into the gym is pretty hard to imagine. Especially since they are so many ways you can miss even if your on line. Also 97% practicing fts . your being delusional now, that is like basically saying anyday of the week you can wake up take 100 fts and only miss 3. 7 days a week and put your life on it. Even great free throw shooters like Ray Allen/Steve Nash have missed both fts they attempted heck Ray Allen just did in last week in game 4 against the Heat.

Well yea but why are you using AI and AI as your examples? Neither can shoot that well especially Andre(Allen has a nice midrange tho). They aren't in the league because they can shoot. Look, he is probably over inflating his shooting stats a little bit, but I bet if you watched him shoot he would make most of them. Look... maybe I believe him because like I said, I myself am a very good practice shooter. Today, I went around the perimeter (shooting 3's) to each corner, wing, and then to the top (I go around and then back) so I had to make 10 shots. the first go around I went 10/17 (59%), the second time around I went 10/14 (71%). I said I was around 60-70% from behind the arc when practicing... so it turns out I wasn't inflating my own... so maybe he isn't inflating his. We just don't know... but I will agree that 80% is very high... but I believe it doable for myself so I believe someone else can do it.
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