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Default Post your video's here

Ok so we got into the debate over in the "How much does your shooting percentage drop" thread over what percentages people actually shoot when practicing. Here is your chance to show everybody not only what percentages you shoot, but also to show how you play/things you do when practicing (Or playing a game, etc.).

Ok so today my buddy and I worked specifically on our midrange game (I did really well with that 50 days of no basketball huh?). Here is a video of me doing a few of the drills that I do to strengthen my midrange. Unfortunately I am limited to more or less set shots right now, but my set shot and jump shot percentages are close... so this gives you a pretty good idea. Amway, on the 5th set, I am supposed to make 5... I guess I thought i made 5 but I only made 4 (so that's why it's like that) and I forgot to change the percentage (obviously 4/5 is 80% not 83%) Overall my percentage was 70%. The shots I took were not difficult, and I would say this was a fairly average day in terms of shooting. The set at the top of the key really brought down my percentage tho... I just wasn't really feeling the stoke today overall but I still managed to shoot fairly well from the corners and wings and also out of the triple threat.

So yea post your vids and see how you stack up!!!

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