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Default Re: Lawrence Taylor accused of Rape; arrested

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Another instance of an NFL player being accused of a despicable crime yet will be completely glossed over by NFL fans and bring no detriment to the league. If an NBA guy was accused of this it'd be "that league's full of thugs, so glad I don't watch it blah blah blah." The double standard cracks me up.
I don't know dude...seems like it wasn't till this last year that the entire Dallas Cowboy's franchise was labeled as thugs for over a decade...I've certainly had my fill of hearing about how thugged out my team is...much more than the Mavericks, although the Josh Howard smoking pot thing seemed overblown...

but you are right, in the end NFL fans will love the game no matter what...if a rapist scores a TD they will cheer him...
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