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Default Re: this is not the suns best team of the past years

The biggest mistake is that Pop is trying to match up with the Suns and play small ball.
he should be forcing the Suns to play Spurs ball , and force them to match up to the Spurs/

Periods of time they should rest Duncan , run Blair at Amare and have PF(Bonner) come in and hit the boards and spread the floor for the parker drives just like the last couple years.

Force Nash to play 'D' by putting him in pick and rolls so that he has to switch play Ginobli and if he's playing parker (pop) should tell parker drive to the hoop no matter what.

It wasn't to long ago , when all teams let Amare have his way , but let the rest of the Suns work their butts off to even get a shot.

In a 7 game series Richardson is not going to be the difference.

The real threat imo is Lopez - if he comes back it opens the Suns up even more because he is a good defender , and underrated passer.
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