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Default Re: Post your video's here

That is true... most of the open shots you are going to get no matter where/what level you are playing is at the 3 point line. So, taking wide open 3's actually makes sense... taking wide open 2's doesn't make as much sense because you are going to have a hand in your face a lot of the time unless you are just fantastic at creating space (ala Derrick Rose). Me and my friend have an advantage because we both like doing this stuff and we can guard each other (or at least get a hand up) so we get used to it. For me, I really want to be a beast in Iso situations and one of the weapons I want to have out of triple threat is that jump shot... so yea hand down man down Even with hand up I want to still be able to make it so they have to respect it no matter what... then when I give em an up fake... ZING!!! and I'm gone.
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