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Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Yea my arms are short so I have to be right up on someone if I want to bother their shot. Most of the time I'll start off close right up on someone for that very reason... it bothers a lot of people and they won't want to do anything. For someone who is good though... that's what they are hoping for lol. They will most likely blow right by me because I don't have the quickness to stay with someone from that close... but even still, I figure I might as well make them make a play rather than just dance around and get an open jump shot cus they shook me

Quick lateral movement is difficult to attain... change of direction takes such incredible force it's ridiculous.

I know, but I can certainly get a bit quicker and way faster in the open floor as well. But I often use the 'Kobe on Westbrook' strategy (if they aren't threepoint shooters). Just back off on defense and if they shoot the shot contest it because I am bigger. If they do have a midrange jumper, pullup shot I will still back off and when they come at me for some reason I am good at seeing when they stop and shoot just put my hand in the face. Result; brick. I sometimes back off even more when they come at me, have got to stop doing that.
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