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Default Re: JaMarcus Russell released

Originally Posted by crisoner
Really who knew Peterson would be who he is....
I did.

others did also...

he was by far the best RB I have ever witnessed in college, I watched every college game he ever played and I was 100% positive he would be a star in the NFL barring injury...

he was the #2 ranked prospect behind Calvin that year...Russel wqas not #1, he was just the #1 ranked QB...kinda like Bradford and Suh, except Bradford is going to be a

and he would ALSO be a stud on the Raiders even...or ANY team in the NFL...he dowsn't need a great squad just like Barry didn't to blow up...

can't stop that kid...the only thing that can get in the way of him being a Hall of Famer is injury and injury alone...
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