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Default Re: Post your video's here

i chuckled myself at the non competitve part. Swag that one guy while i was watching looked like he was about to dunk on somebody and had few nice moves.

Well i don't really know how else to explain it lol... I sure wasn't competing Aside from the fact that that the two guys on my team could score in isolation and get along fine without my help, I've played with/against the guy that was guarding me quite a bit (good guy) and I already know I can score on him pretty much any time I want... So I really had absolutely nothing to prove lol. Yea that's Sean (my friend and the guy I'm training), and as you saw at the end, he can dunk rather easy. I am pretty sure he could have dunked on that one that he traveled on and the other one he might have been able to just put in over that guy. As for his overall game, he is a slasher and finisher... he makes a lot of great cuts to the basket and is great to play with. I'm working with him on his one on one game... but it's going to take him a while to feel completely comfortable with it. I'm proud of him though for not exposing the ball on that one drive where could have dunked over that guy... he swung it over his head out of the defenders reach and then went hard to the basket... which is exactly what we have been working on. Almost brings a tear to my eye lol.

Hey all this talk about midrange... you guys watching what Grant Hill is doing? He has been doing it forever, but man does that guy have a midrange... it's as close to automatic as any I have seen.

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