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Default Re: Post your video's here

Originally Posted by KJones
8 years of pro ball in Europe, 1 year in the Middle East and about 5 games in the ABA (That leagues is so horrible it should count as -5)

XD I love the quote about the ABA. I have heard the same things about it from friends, how people don't really watch the games and it's all ugly and disorganized. The players are supposedly good, but nobody is on the same page, or so I hear.

Your videos are great, you have a beautiful game. Interesting how you practice certain counters and all that. I actually am more of a read & react type. I don't really practice specific moves / counter moves like that, although I do use them depending on what the defense gives me. A lot of the moves I use are hesitation based moves to keep the defense guessing. I am more the crafty, sneaky type who keeps defenders guessing by outsmarting them. I think that's why everyone has been calling me "Nash" since he became famous... -_- ... lol. It's funny how when a white guy is good, all the Black people immediately give him some random NBA white guy nickname. My white friend plays a helter-skelter free-wheeling style, and when he plays pickup ball, everyone is always like "oooh GINOBILI!!!"

I probably actually play somewhere of a mix between a Nash / Luke Ridnour / Mark Price type.

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