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Default Re: Post your video's here

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
i chuckled myself at the non competitve part. Swag that one guy while i was watching looked like he was about to dunk on somebody and had few nice moves.

kjones, dribble like of my friends. He is in law school, he played mid major d1 ball in college. They both do the quick spurts then slow down into another quick spurt. He however chops his feet inbetween, really gets the defense confused. i picked that up for him. His handles are crazy fast. I don't use fast dribbling moves like kjones or my friend. My style is change of pace and fakes gets the job done on the defender, not as pleasing to the eye like fast handles. A lot like Tyreke Evans and Chauncey Billups style of dribbling in the halfcourt at least. Here's Tyreke's workout put it on 2:15-2:40 when he does cone drills. Notice his technique isn't speed like kjones. It is more change of pace and body/shoulder/head fakes.

Just two different styles of dribbling.

I looked at Tyreke and I basically use the same style and use my body the same way as him. This video will help me a lot to create the contact and get by my man. I am not fast so this is a great way. Thanks a lot man.
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