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Default Re: Post your video's here

yeah, me too. Trying to become a player like Tyreke would definitely help my game.

I videotaped myself working out today and it was crap. I noticed how I keep the ball in front of my head, swing my elbow outside and have a terrible follow through (not straight, swings the ball into another direction). So I am going to start all over again and train my form. It doesn't have to be perfect but I don't want my shooting hand on the other side of my head after I shot the ball. I also noticed that when I dribble it looks like I look at the ball even though I can see the whole floor. Amazing how these two once were the best parts of my game until I started to grow. Now all I can do successfully is rebound, run the floor, play occasional defense and play in the post. I need to play a lot of ball again.
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