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Default Re: Which position do you think requires more experience and athleticism: RB vs LB?

Originally Posted by Jackass18
It's hard to say because both require quite a bit. LBs have to shed blocks, pursue RBs and QBs and sometime cover receivers. I'd give athleticism to RBs because sometimes they have to stop on a dime and change directions quickly or just try to power through a hole or they might be asked to block a big defensive player out in open field while the defender is already running fast or run routes or evade multiple tacklers or break tackles or they might need to hurdle a would-be tackler. Then, you also have to take into account the endurance that is needed and the beatings they take add up. Also, there's the speed, agility, toughness, balance, body control, power, strength, coordination, explosiveness and such that is needed to play that position.
So you have to be one of the best athletes at your school in order to play running back in your team? Would you say like a 6-pack is required or just helpful, for high school football of course. Not sure how much body control is needed for RB, It's needed for WR that's for sure.
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