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Default Re: Which position do you think requires more experience and athleticism: RB vs LB?

Originally Posted by Just2Clutch
I think WR is the best total athlete (like leaping and speed). Most versatile athlete is probably RB. RB is the more explosive position though.

Quickness belongs to RB while Speed belongs to WR. I don't know, aren't there some fat RBs, but they are all power though right?
you can find any type of RB anywhere...

^^^ Noel Devine in high school...

he was the #1 high school recruit in the country until he had off the feild issues...and he is only like 5'8" 150 lbs or something...

he was a BEAST...they said he was the high school version of Barry Sanders...every college wanted him...before he went "thug" on everyone...

I don't like a dude that small for the pros might end up with something decent like Warrick Dunn, but for the most part in the NFL I like "big and fast"...
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