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Originally Posted by dwillreg
It just so happend that UConn lost to George Mason in the tourney who was the hottest team in America. They wouldn't miss a shot that game and Williams wasn't the reason they lost. Second when did Chris Paul ever do anything in the tourney. O yah, he played for the most overachieving team for the past 3 years and lost in the round of 32 to West Virginia. Third I never said Marcus Williams was going to be a superstar because he is not able to consistantly score like one. But he will be one of the best passers in the league and if I'm looking for a point guard who can lead a team and pass the rock without huge point production, I want Williams.

I didn't see Florida have any problem w/ George Mason. It's a loosy excuse. UConn had by far the most talent and a much better team. Just curious who's in charge of leading and running the team. Oh wait the PG, guess he didn't do that great of job. Where's this supposed leadership? You explain to me how he makes Toronto, Portland, Atlanta, Boston, or Houston a good team?

All I'm saying is that he's a waist of a mid to high draft pick. Every year 15-20 of the 1st round picks never end up being more than backups. And you're telling me that Williams is one of the few that is going to emerge as one of the league leaders in assist? I'll put money on it that he'll make a great backup, but not one of the best passers in the league.
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