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Default Re: what type of offense do you run in a pick up game?

Originally Posted by dutchguy
Where I'm from, setting a screen in a pick-up game is considered snobbish, nerdy and almost unsportsmanlike. You gotta win on skills, not on strategy. Especially players who've never been coached and are strictly street ballers are looking like "what?", sometimes even literally saying "what is that" or "that's illegal"

So you see players who are used to playing an offense passing the ball, moving to do a screen-away, but not actually setting the screen, just swapping position.

Lots of give n go, in-out, cutting, posting and generally lots of off the baal movement

That's one of the strangest things I've ever heard about playing basketball.

Are they also against running a fast break because it's "nerdy" to take advantage of the situation? Perhaps playing defense is also snobbish. Maybe boxing out is unsportsmanlike... I don't know.

I really just don't get it at all. It's a "how dare you use skill and position to beat me" kind of thing, almost as if the group you play with doesn't know much about basketball fundamentals.

Maybe you need to find a new group to play with
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