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Default Re: players nugs should target

Gotta agree, aside from Kaman, the rest are garbage. Sadly, Nuggets won't be making much noise next year either if they acquire any of those listed names(excluding Kaman). Plus who do we give up in return? Ideally, I'd like to get rid of KMart's expiring contract and get a legit center in return, thus moving Nene back to his natural spot. Because let's be honest here, we're not really going to do anything with Nene as our center. Therefore, improving the front line should be the main priority here.

Our front court has been athletic enough in the past that it could hang with the good teams, but against the big talented teams like the Lakers, guys always come up short(no pun intended). They are the measuring stick after all. You wanna get to the finals, you have to get past them. Period. We have to (try)match them up front more now than ever, so that guys like Bynum and Gasol don't continually go off against our bigs, as well as smaller guys like Boozer and Milsapp, as we all saw in the Playoffs.
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