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Default Re: what type of offense do you run in a pick up game?

Originally Posted by Darkess
That's one of the strangest things I've ever heard about playing basketball.

Are they also against running a fast break because it's "nerdy" to take advantage of the situation? Perhaps playing defense is also snobbish. Maybe boxing out is unsportsmanlike... I don't know.

I really just don't get it at all. It's a "how dare you use skill and position to beat me" kind of thing, almost as if the group you play with doesn't know much about basketball fundamentals.

Maybe you need to find a new group to play with

Of course it's not snobbish, but it's considered that. A big reason for that is that bball is not big in the netherlands. People learn some in high school, but just very basic. So if you don't join a club (sports is not in school, but seperate in clubs) oyu'll never learn the difference between a pg and c. or what a screen is. This doesn't mean you can't be pretty good. So maybe that's the reason. Anyway screening is considered as disrupting "honest" man to man defense. I don't agree per se, but I understand it, especially if some people on the court just don't have a clue what you're doing: you are beating them with tactics, not with skill. If that's a bad thing.

But: what if someone would start to play zone against your team in a pick up game? Most people don't like that. The screening is a bit the same thing.

This doesn't go for every game in the whole of holland, just a general impression from a european country.

LBJFTW: both, because the local government builds most courts and they don't have a clue. Lot of times no 3p line, only half court.
Even crazier stuff: full court 1 basket. No lines at all. Basket mounted directly to wall. basket on a grass field!! This is the majority of courts, especially in smaller cities or villages. It used to drive me crazy as a kid.
Thank god I have an indoor court now
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