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Default Re: what type of offense do you run in a pick up game?

Originally Posted by Darkess
I think I understand a little bit better now, thanks for the response.

It sounds like screening seems unfair or almost unsportsmanlike because the people you play with aren't certain how to beat it and it seems unnatural. Teamwork trumps 1-on-1 play almost every time in basketball.
FWIW, playing a zone is okay in a pickup game. It's actually harder to get a zone defense to work correctly without teamwork as there's a lot of rotation required.
Sure, but when people are just forcing you to continualy keep shooting, it gets boring, especially when some of the players are not that good taking shots (especially young people with little range). so when people play a sort of lazy 'just shoot it' zone people tend to get pissed. As defensive effort is always a problem in pick up games, a lot of brawls start with people sagging off into a "zone"

edit: btw, I play with a lot of different groups

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