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I'm way down with the Rampage signing. That guy is too exciting to be fighting in third-class organizations. Wonder if he can beat Chuck down again.

Indeed. I don't think Dana White really wanted him, but after Babalu just got slapped silly, I think even he realized he had to get another big name for 205. Chuck and Tito is pretty much it in that class, and Tito isn't anywhere near as big as he used to be.

Yes there is a hype card on Liddell/Ortiz but to UFC fans, this is a very intriguing match-up. These two IMO have gotten better since they've fought last.

I don't think they have really gotten much better at all, especially Tito. Tito's standup and grappling hasn't really looked any better to me at all. Chuck just kinda looks the same too, he's still a sprawl-n-brawl guy.
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