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Originally Posted by Ryan Bowen
I remember Allen Iverson was like invincible in one of the Dreamcast 2K games. I would always piss my friends off when I picked Iverson. He wouldn't miss!

Yeah same for me. I used to play NBA Showdown against my friend and he would alwayds be the Hawks so he could have Duane Ferrell, he would kill me with that guy. True story, and I don't know why. Maybe it was a bug because Ferrell sucks.

By the way Live fan here, if they could slow down the game play it would be worlds better.

I play 12 minute quarters, and the scores are well into the high 180's and the centers get jack all rebounds, and the point guards do all the scoring for the comp. Steals and blocks are too easy.

I hate the other game though, 2k, it is so boring, and stoodgy. It moves really slow and looks unrealistic.
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