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Default Re: 2009-10 Cavaliers season thread

ima a knicks fan and i know ima get ripped but i have to say this.Cleveland wil never win a title until they stop overrating their role players.PPL are ripping LeBron for struggling but bottom line Varejao is overpayed and overrated.Falling on the floor doesnt mean you are trying harder than everyone else.Dude cant play D.He's a liaility on offense.Jamison has stunk since he got to Cleveland.Yall passed up on Stoudemire twice to get him and Shaq and both are just in the way.Mo Williams JUSt stepped up for the 1st time. Yall dont play Moon enough.Z,while i used to like him,is washed up because he was out so long.Anthony Parker is a bonehead.o and BTW the Cavs quit at the end...unacceptable.Believe it or not,I was rooting for yall.I want LeBron obviously but not like that.He ran out of answers and his teammates shat on him.
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